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Russia is entering its second year of crisis, widening the lifestyle gap between Westerners and Russians.

The economic slump has had an impact on the supply side too, as foreigners leave the capital in droves.

That reputation persists today, and it is not wholly without cause.

Most male expats say that their nationality can still have a positive impact on girls.

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Type the Russian words for "get married" or "meet" and "foreigner" into Yandex — the Russian equivalent for Google — and a door opens."You can just speak English and heads will turn," said Sean, 26, an English language teacher.Russian women are also more forward, he says: "You can just be talking to someone and some beautiful girl will come up to you with a chat-up line.Tatyana, a good-looking blonde, leans across the table. It is Saturday evening and we are nearing the end of a foreign-friendly speed dating session in a central Moscow restaurant. The subject of her advances, a British Moscow Times business reporter, blushes with embarrassment.Most parents don’t want their children to date in high school or the first two years of university.Even so many highschool students and some middle class students have boyfriends and girlfriends.I had some discussions with a Chinese college freshman who was obsessed with thoughts of romance.With all the emphasis Chinese place on marriage, I find it odd that any romance or displays of feeling seem to disappear quickly after the ceremony and couple set up house.Roughly twenty men and women have paid 1,500 rubles () to meet a potential new love interest.Even though only two expats are in attendance, organizers clearly think the "foreign" tag is a crowd puller.

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