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Example: I create a Cross-Reference to a heading and later decide to change the title of the heading.The Cross-Reference won’t automatically update in the editor.In addition to spending his time educating potential and existing customers about all things Mad Cap Software, Justin likes listening to hip-hop, tackling his next art project, and exploring his creative side.DON’T MISS OUT ON MADCAP NEWS Get the Latest Updates from Mad Cap Software with Mad Cap Insider Newsletter.For an online output, a Cross-Reference might look and feel just like a normal hyperlink.However, when going to a print based format, the Cross-Reference will update and show you where the linked element is contained on the printed page.In the case you described I think the hidden bookmark that points to the figure is not updated in track changes mode (still points to the original paragraph) and after the changes are accepted the bookmark is removed with the original paragraph that was removed.

Is there a way to move numbered objects without breaking cross-references?

However, one caveat is that it only allows linking within a Mad Cap Flare project. Hyperlinks are great for when you are linking to an external location, such as a website or a location that is outside of your Flare project.

However, the issue with hyperlinks arises when you begin to think about how this will affect the user experience when creating a printed version of the output. Cross-References have the advantage of dynamically changing based on your output types.

Standard: You can use the “Standard” method, opening a Cross-Reference dialog box that provides additional options for selecting styles, properties, and link destinations.

There are four different ways to insert a Cross-Reference: One advantage of the Standard method is that you can select the “Bookmark” icon, easily located in the Cross-Reference dialog box.

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