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Williams told police that Wright left the scene of the crash in a yellow Camaro and headed to a nightclub.Williams insisted to police that he'd "never put himself in a [messed] up situation where we would be there" and "stated multiple times throughout [the] conversation that he would never put himself in a bad situation and he would not lie to us," according to the police report.Charles Williams was found dead Friday morning in the living room of his home on North Five Points Road along his wife, Stephanie, West Goshen police said.The injuries to the couple indicate that Charles Williams, 52, shot his wife and then himself sometime overnight Friday, police said.West Goshen police said in a statement that officers arrived on the scene about a.m.

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For those passing by, this random scene is entertaining to say the least.

Williams released a statement through his lawyer that he struck the pole after swerving when the driver in front of him slammed on his brakes, while attorney Chip Lewis refuted the police report, saying his client did not hit a light pole.

According to police records, Williams was riding an electric bicycle in the road when police came upon him.

Graduation Day Flowers sells leis and bouquets as a fundraiser for the university. Students wave a symbol of the school or department from which they got their degree.

(For example, blow-up hammers represent the school of engineering.) It’s definitely a nice change from the usual walk to your seat and wait for your name to be called…

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