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Due to the department’s lack of qualified Asian-American candidates and the demand for Cantonese-speaking officers, he was highly recommended to be assigned immediately to the plainclothes anti-Tong task force.Eventually, Shen's sister died from a drug overdose and later their mother committed suicide as a result.Shen continued working as muscle for Winston while also aiding Teng in several police cases, such as busting a notorious drug dealer, a murderous street racer, a serial murderer and solving a series of kidnappings.As the rivalry between Winston and Dogeyes came to a head, Shen and several other Water Street gang members raided and torched one of Dogeyes's drug warehouses and successfully kidnapped Siu Wah as leverage to gain favour with Uncle Po in the dispute with Dogeyes.Shen’s first mission to establish his cover in Hong Kong was to take part in a drug deal with Naz.After being arrested during a police bust, Shen was re-introduced to an old friend, Jackie Ma, who promised to introduce him to Winston Chu's gang, the Water Street Gang.

After the funeral, Big Smile Lee immediately retaliated by sending his forces against the Water Street Gang to kill Shen in order to eliminate his competition and votes against him.He voluntarily departed SF State in 2004 to pursue other career options.He applied to SFPD on June 1, 2006 and graduated at the top of the 2007 police academy class.While recovering in hospital, Uncle Po appointed Two Chin Tsao as temporary chairman of the Sun On Yee until his recovery.Shen proceeded to work for Sonny Wo in order to gain more information of Big Smile Lee’s activities and to hinder his chances of becoming chairman.He attended PS 121 High School, and graduated in 2002 with honors.He then enrolled at San Francisco State University in September 2002, majoring in politics.Uncle Po eventually passed away in intensive care and Jackie was caught and arrested during a heist.After stealing Ricky Wong's portable data disk, Shen met with Pendrew revealing incriminating evidence on Sonny that would damage Big Smile Lee’s operations and business income.This allowed Shen to infiltrate the Sun On Yee triad.Under orders from Superintendent Pendrew, Shen's assignment was to go undercover into the Sun On Yee Triad and bring down the leader, the Dragon Head, and the lieutenants, the Red Poles, while reporting directly to his handler, Raymond Mak.

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