Validating numeric fields in cobol

See the People Soft Cloud Manager Home Page, My Oracle Support, Doc ID 2231255.2, for links to other Cloud Manager documentation, and information about known issues.

If you later configure additional file servers or Cloud Manager instances, use the same identity domain, zone, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute Classic REST end point.

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute Classic documentation should have current information on using images and creating instances. People Soft Cloud Manager images use the People Soft deployment package (DPK) format.

However, be aware that the use of DPK customizations, which can be used with other types of People Soft DPKs, is not supported for People Soft Cloud Manager.

The steps included in the Creating a Security List, Creating a Security Application, and Creating a Security Rule sections demonstrate how to define a security list using port 8000 for HTTP; however, we recommend that you use this as an example only and subsequently enable port 8443 or another port for secure connections (HTTPS/SSL) only. Oracle highly recommends that you use the HTTPS protocol in all deployments.

Follow the instructions found in the A security list is a group of Compute Classic instances that you can specify as the source or destination in one or more security rules.

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