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It is strongly recommended that this user should have no privileges on the computer (i.e. The setup procedure will give this user/group some permissions in specific paths/files to perform server-specific operations.

If you have not yet created a user and group for the servers, create this user and group using your native operating system utilities.

Directory server network port [389]: ## Press ENTER ============================================================================== Each instance of a directory server requires a unique identifier.

This identifier is used to name the various instance specific files and directories in the file system, as well as for other uses as a server instance identifier. Updating with information from configuration directory server .

hostname.example.com), the port number (default 389), the suffix, the DN and password of a user having permission to write the configuration information, usually the configuration directory administrator, and if you are using security (TLS/SSL).

Tips for using this program: - Press "Enter" to choose the default and go to the next screen - Type "Control-B" then "Enter" to go back to the previous screen - Type "Control-C" to cancel the setup program Would you like to continue with set up?

System User [nobody]: ldapuser ## Enter Ldap username which we created earlier System Group [nobody]: ldapuser ## Enter LDAP group name (It is same as username) ============================================================================== Server information is stored in the configuration directory server.

This information is used by the console and administration server to configure and manage your servers.

If you would rather not wait, hit Ctrl-C and run this program again with the following command line option to specify the hostname: General.

Full Machine Name=your.hostname.Computer name [server.ostechnix.lan]: ## Press ENTER ============================================================================== The servers must run as a specific user in a specific group.

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