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You can use a strategy such as the one shown here to update the help files on many computers, even those that are behind firewalls or are not connected to the Internet.

All of the commands in this example were run in a Windows Power Shell session that was started by using the Run as administrator option.

environment variable, that support Updatable Help, even if the module is not in the current session.

updating ein-72updating ein-82

By default, the command does not run with explicit credentials and attempts to access the file share might fail.To run the Register-Scheduled Job command, start Windows Power Shell by using the Run as administrator option. You can use the Get-Scheduled Job cmdlet to view the scheduled job, use the Set-Scheduled Job cmdlet to change it, and use the Unregister-Scheduled Job cmdlet to delete it.When you run the command, Windows Power Shell prompts you for the password of the user specified in the value of the Credential parameter. You can also view and manage the scheduled job in Task Scheduler in the following path: Task Scheduler Library\Microsoft\Windows\Power Shell\Scheduled Jobs.Example 3: Update help in different languages Update-Help -UICulture ja-JP, en-US Update-Help : Failed to update Help for the module(s) 'Server Manager' with UI culture(s) : The specified culture is not supported: ja-JP. This command updates the Japanese and English help files for all modules.If a module currently does not provide help files for the specified UI culture, the error message lists the UI cultures that the module supports.For modules that support Updatable Help, the script looks for and parses the help information file (Help Info XML) to find the latest version number.The script uses the PSCustom Object class and a hash table to create a custom output object. By providing explicit credentials, you can run the command on a remote computer and access a file share on a third computer without encountering an access denied error or using Cred SSP authentication to delegate credentials.The once-per-day limit protects the servers that host the help files and makes it practical for you to add an Update-Help command to your Windows Power Shell profile without incurring the resource cost of repeated connections or downloads.To update help for a module in multiple UI cultures without the Specifies modules with names that are specified in the form of Module Specification objects.PS C:\ These commands download updated help files for system modules from the Internet and save them in file share.Then the commands install the updated help files from the file share on multiple computers.

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