Taking things slow while dating

* or you’re just ready to go back to the built-up sexual foreplay known as “dating someone before you’ve had sex with them” then we’re here to help.We’re looking at 5 ways of taking it slow in a relationship.Simply let your partner know: “I want to take things slow. ” Then you can figure out where the other person stands before you’ve gone in too deep. The biggest no-no if you’re trying to take it slow is sleeping over, especially if wine is involved.Just because you’re trying not to sleep with somebody doesn’t mean you don’t want to.You get the option of wondering all about their most private of areas. Remember, once you have sex with someone, you can never undo it.This is the only time during your relationship where you don’t know the ins and outs of their bodies. [Read: 10 reasons why saying “I love you” too soon just sucks! Taking it slow in a relationship by not having sex may actually prevent you from staying with a total douche-bag longer than you should have.

[Read: Why men subconsciously find the chase irresistible and end up falling harder] Letting your partner know where you stand is important.

Now, you probably shouldn’t jump out of a cake on your first date shouting from the rooftops about how they won’t be getting laid for a while if they go out with you…

but don’t let it linger on for too long without saying *something*.

For now, get to know one-another and have fun dating and being together.

Let’s be honest: Sex may be one of the most fun things you can possibly do with somebody, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t hundreds of other great things to enjoy with your boyfriend/girlfriend!

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