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I go on about database size all the time because that’s really what’s going to make the difference between finding people to actually meet up for bondage fun and the sad reality of most sites with only a dozen real profiles in your town.

(If you ARE worried about scams, check out my scam avoidance tips!

By the time a man reaches the age where they’ve gathered enough life experience to decide that they’re just not all that interested in sex, they’re typically at a point where they can say “Well, I’m not 18 anymore, the hormones have died down” or “The fires of passion always die down after a few years, but I still love her”, or any number of other convenient excuses that obscure the truth. It took me a solid week-long journey of self-discovery to come to the conclusion that I wasn’t simply “straight, but not very good at it” and that I was, in fact, asexual.

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So if you’re ready to meet up with someone who will either tie you up or let you put them in a bind, give any of theses sites a chance. If you have any sites you have tried and recommend, please add those as well! BDSMdate has the largest number of profiles of people interested in BDSM, and bondage in particular, than any other site.

)needs a bit of a design upgrade, but as for features it’s not too bad.

They offer bondage forums, hot member stories and erotica, and more advanced features like video chat.

If he doesn’t, there must be something wrong with him, he must be broken.

It’s simply not acceptable for a man not to want to use that erection with someone.

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