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I call on donors and the United Nations system to support the Government in its efforts and to pay increased attention to neglected areas, including unregulated mining regions Recommendation: I commend the Government of Iraq for its national action plan for the implementation of Security Council resolution 1325 (2000) and urge its swift implementation, including by training its security forces to ensur e respect for women’s rights.

Programmes to support the social reintegration of women and girls released from captivity by ISIL are urgently needed, as is community-based medical and psychological care.

Given that there has been grave concern over sexual violence in Darfur for more than a decade, I encourage the Government to engage with my Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict to develop a framework of cooperation to address the issue comprehensively Recommendation: I acknowledge the Government’s invitation to my Special Representative to visit the Syrian Arab Republic and call upon the authorities, in the context of such a visit, to agree on specific measures to prevent sexual violence, including by members of the security forces.

I condemn the use of sexual violence by ISIL and all other parties listed in the annex to the present report and call on them to cease such violations immediately and allow unfettered access for the delivery of humanitarian assistance Recommendation: I urge the authorities in Yemen to undertake legislative reform as a basis for addressing impunity for sexual violence, ensuring the provision of services for survivors and aligning the minimum legal age of marriage with international standards.

It is critical that women be able to participate consistently in and influence these processes Recommendation: I reiterate my call to the Federal Government of Somalia to implement the commitments made under the joint communiqué of and its national action plan to combat sexual violence in conflict, including specific plans for the army and the police.

I encourage the adoption of a sexual offences bill as a matter of priority Recommendation: I urge the parties to the conflict in South Sudan to adopt action plans to implement the commitments made under their respective communiqués.

If I had any evidence, I would forward it to the relevant college authorities.” Recommendation: I urge the Government of Afghanistan to adopt legislative reforms to ensure that sexual violence offences are not conflated with adultery or “morality crimes” and to establish infrastructure for the delivery of protection, health and le gal services to survivors.I call upon the Government of South Sudan to address the negative impact of customary law on women’s rights and to reflect international human rights standards in national law.I also encourage the African Union to make public and act upon the report of its Commission of Inquiry on South Sudan Recommendation: I call upon the Government of the Sudan to grant the United Nations and its humanitarian partners unfettered access for monitoring and the provision of assistance to people in need in Darfur.I further call on all parties to ensure that conflict-related sexual violence is addressed in the inter-Malian dialogue and that perpetrators of sexual violence do not benefit from amnesty or early release Recommendation: I urge the Government of Myanmar to continue with its reform agenda and, in the process, take practical and timely actions to protect and support survivors of conflict-related sexual violence and to ensure that security personnel accused of such crimes are prosecuted.Sexual violence should be an element in all ceasefire and peace negotiations, excluded from the scope of amnesty provisions and addressed in transitional justice processes.Three months after Sri Lanka was rocked by deadly anti-Muslim riots fuelled by online vitriol, Facebook is training its staff to identify inflammatory content in the country’s local languages.The social network has been seeking penance in Sri Lanka after authorities blocked Facebook in March as incendiary posts by Buddhist hardliners fanned religious violence that left three people dead and reduced hundreds of mosques, homes and businesses to ashes.A university has had to launch an investigation after its student newspaper apparently exposed a Facebook “ring” where male students have been allegedly sharing and rating indecent images of their female peers without their consent.According to University College Dublin’s (UCD) paper, around 200 agricultural science students are involved in the group where they are said to be sharing “stories about girls they had sex with, shared nudes, and then posted the girls’ Facebook pages where they’d all rate them out of ten,” reports the paper.I also call upon the authorities to guarantee security in and around internally displaced persons camps and to extend medical and psychosocial services to high-risk areas Following the appearance of an article in a student newspaper, the university has launched an investigation into the alleged behaviour of a group of students on a Facebook group chat.” The statement added how UCD is doing “everything it can” to establish the facts around the existence of the online group, adding: “This includes contacting all students in the faculty and asking anyone who has any information to come forward in confidence as a matter of urgency.” The UDC Student’ Union (UCDSU) also responded to the article with a statement of its own in which it encouraged students with any information get in touch with the police.It said: “We completely condemn this behaviour and anyone who engages in it - it is sexual violence.

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