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We collaborate with the Ronald Mc Donald Foundation in its programmes focused on the well-being of families with sick children, providing them with accommodations when the Foundation’s homes are full.

These hotels turn into veritable second homes for these families, who receive the support and attention they need from the hotel employees.

We are ‘positioned’ within a transparent, rationalized, expansionist, spectacular and clamorous space-production, where the globe is used as its own map: convention becomes construction.

To this, an entirely different kind of production is confronted, a make-believe consumption, where vast and extensive media networks and relentless technosciences modulate a constellation of power, production and experience.

We have been collaborating with the Make-a-Wish Foundation since 2005, making it easier for children with life-threatening medical conditions to make their dreams come true, enriching the lives of the children and their families through personal experiences filled with hope, strength and happiness.

We have been collaborating with Fundación Menudos Corazones since 2004 by donating over 1,000 room nights annually in Madrid for families of children suffering from heart disease, who have to spend long periods away from home to receive medical treatment at hospitals in Madrid.

The Company also has its own special NGO rate, through which it offers discounts of up to 30% off the best rates, and these are available to organisations that have been assessed and approved beforehand by the Corporate Responsibility department.

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// Pe vechi trasee / semi-rurale / sau poate / de-a lungul depoului / unde tot a doua casă / e pentru amantlâc.A tremendous throbbing, as of the engine that makes the earth turn, filled the little room; he had begun to purr. – Angela Carter, The Tiger’s Bride While addressing the modern world through the twilight of postmodernism, CHIMERA foregrounds aesthetic experiences that often remain ungraspable, as haptic phenomena of the communication between empathic machines and humans.Translucent fingertips play on our skin, untangling knots of objectless desire; and within the release of tension, a new ambition to make oneself over into this desire is grasped.Each exhibition will take the format of a commercial business existing in the gallery’s neighborhood, identifying different layers of simulation: technological, social, imaginative and conventional.The invited artists employ the material and technological forces informing our different modes of perception and invite us to confront deeper and translucently dense present considerations of our socio-economical and cultural life.Entangled in the mediascape, our bodies are constantly massaged by various data and information.Curentul trebuie să treacă / să inunde / prăvăliile și / eventualii lor rastafarieni / uitaţi la tejghele.NH Hotel Group established the “Hotels with a Heart” programme 12 years ago, with a view to helping foundations and NGOs to cover their accommodation needs in the Group’s hotels.The Company consolidated this commitment through agreements with hospitals and foundations in a variety of countries to support children with serious illnesses and their families with limited resources when they need to be accommodated away from their own towns and cities.Maps are valuable cultural artifacts of human belief and value systems – the location of direct experience, sensuous swirls of emotions, perceptions and myths, on which the representation of reality depends for its meaning.Present day satellites, atomic clocks, automated calculating machines sing us songs of abstract courtship dances that transgress the human scale and perception of time-space.

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