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Extended warranty options available Option Electric Front Windows, Rear Spoiler, Rear Wiper, Remote Central Locking, Trip Computer, Height Adjustable Steering Wheel, Front Headrests, Deadlocking System, Glovebox, 5050 Split Folding Rear Seat, Height Adjustable Drivers Seat, Body Colour Do Very good condition turbo trainer.

Bought from wiggle online cycle store a few years back and is still on their site now.

For more anxiety about the May Gaeta Foundation partnership, you here.

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That's great news and it's good to see that Geely are involved.

With their track record, however, isn't there a danger that they'll develop a similar car made out of cast iron, fitted up with a Lada engine, and in similar colours although not close enough to require legal action, any time soon...?

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Can buy just the PS4 for £150, if you want a game (choice between Far Cry Primal/Watchdogs 2) then price is 8-seater Aluminium and Glass table.

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They're biggest brand weakness must be that it's poor Chinese engineering, and this is probably the best automotive engineering project going at the moment, at a fraction of the price of a motorsport program.

Perhaps I'm alone here but while I am glad they can continue their efforts now, I also think it is a crying shame that there was no UK company prepared to step in and with international economic sanctions against China for its continuing record on human rights, I would have preferred to see the team get funding from somewhere else. I thought they were supplying the V8 engine required to pump the rocket fuel?

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