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In the United States and other countries where treatment is available, the denialists have found few who are willing to sacrifice their own lives.

However, in South Africa and elsewhere in the developing world, the denialists are seeking to deny medical care and medications to HIV-infected people who have no voice in the decision.

He/she should be able to dispel some of her AIDS myths and hopefully allow her to realize she is not helping you with her pseudo-science. It is not at all uncommon for HIV-infected folks to remain essentially asymptomatic for a decade.

Regarding antiretroviral therapies, there has been a dramatic drop in HIV-related morbidity and mortality since HAART came into wide use in mid-1996. Whether you choose to believe them or not is totally up to you.

And is that fear unwarranted in the case I described above. It argues that if HIV-positive people didn't suffer selenium deficiencies, they wouldn't progress to AIDS and the HIV virus wouldn't be harmful at all and that it's selenium deficiency - and not the depletion of lymphocytes - that leads to rapid progression to AIDS.

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She says that some doctors have found that AIDS is not neccesarly caused by HIV. I did not even mention this I am a 23y/o HIV male CD4's - 600 VL - undect... These theories have been definitively and repeatedly disproved. ) This PBS documentary discusses the social, political, economic and scientific factors that led to the rise and hindered the fall of the AIDS pandemic, looking back at its 25-year history. CBC Aug 25, 2006 I have studied very carefully the claims of hiv denialists and their opponents. What puzzles me is that among the denialists one can find some very serious scientists. But, I believe, there is a fairly good chance CBC will show some abnormality during acute hiv infection. Read the archives for a thorough review of AIDS denialists and their repeatedly disproved cockeyed theories. These tests have nothing to do with anti-HIV antibodies, but rather measure RNA, the genetic material of the HIV virus itself.

They are also thwarting public health prevention campaigns to slow the spread of the epidemic.

Duesberg and his colleague David Rasnick suggest AIDS is in fact several separate epidemics lumped together.

As for the foolish "foo" Dave Grohl, yes indeed he has become an AIDS denialist. Well, my friend sent to me so I could read it and he said their arguments were very convincing and I think he might already believe everything the article says. Frascino Hello Wondering In NY, The AIDS denialists' arguments are far from convincing to anyone who truly understands HIV/AIDS. He has documented cases of HIV infected people remaining healthy after 10 years of no treatment.

You can read all about these misguided souls in the archives. Finally, donation information for the Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation can be found on the foundation's Web site at He also said it's a different opinion from the long-held scientific view which says that HIV causes AIDS. I'd suggest your friend review the "Debunking AIDS Denialism" information that can be found on TAC's (Treatment Action Campaign) Web site at Bob Already donated family question (AIDS DENIALISTS) Nov 11, 2006 This is not a safer sex hiv prevention question but need some help advising my mother. He also documents the almost 5,000 HIV- AIDS patients.

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