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To his shock, it actually contains an eroge entitled Let's Make Love With Little Sister! Kirino later confronts Kyousuke in his own bedroom, and in the pretense of "life consultation" invites her older brother into her bedroom.After confirming that she is the owner of the DVD case found earlier, Kirino also shows him a part of her hobby by letting him play one of her eroge games in secret.By the start of the series, the two have been living with minimal interaction between each other.Kirino has been used to treating Kyousuke rudely, especially with Kyousuke often acting unfriendly or indifferent at home.This would mark the start of Kirino's constant provision of eroge for Kyousuke to play, as well as the beginning of Kyousuke's interaction with Kirino's secret hobby.Kyousuke finds out that Kirino may be in need of other people to talk about anime, so he gives her advice (actually a suggestion relayed by Kyousuke from his friend Manami) to register on an otaku community.In one of her trips outside, she drops a DVD case of Stardust Witch Meruru on the Kousaka Residence's doorstep.

She has a strong "little sister" fetish and owns many adult games with older brother/little sister themes, which is funded by her salary for modeling.According to Kyousuke, his relationship with Kirino was much more positive in the past.However, due to a series of events, she changed her interactions with him.She developed a sort of perfectionist attitude due to becoming an overachiever, which eventually made her more prone to struggling when the odds are against her.When these moments come; however, she displays a more passive side.Joey was raised in Australia but often visited Japan.Due to his upbringing, he can speak fluent Japanese.She is more or less tall and has a well-proportioned body and long legs. She shows a keen focus to anything she deems interesting, whether it is studying and athletics, or hobby-related activities.This attitude of hers when it comes to school activities has rewarded her with above-average marks, even as she enters the career of modeling.Aside from this, she is also an avid fan of Stardust☆Witch Meruru and any series with cute themes in general.Kirino is a third-year student of an unnamed middle school in Chiba.

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