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The gift deed was made at the request of the son and his wife.It is implied that the elderly father and as well his second wife would be looked after by them after transfer of 50% share in the flat, said the judges In the present case, the senior citizens first wife died in 2014.Last year, when he wanted to remarry, his son and daughter-in-law requested that a share of the Andheri flat should be transferred to them.To buy peace in the family, he transferred 50% share in the flat to his son in May 2014.There is a separate section spread over an entire floor dedicated to this collection at the state-of-the-art library at Patto. I love the eccentricity of the characters But the real star is India itself so Ive always dreamed of visiting. The incredible story about a missing princess click here 16 Jul: Times of India.

In the first case, a medical student of Goan origin, currently studying in the U. DRAMA: Amana Fontanella-Khan - The Pink Sari Revolution. The dance group organising the evening usually has a free one hour workshop which will not just show you how to move, but also ensure that you are having the time of your life And the trend is definitely picking up.

Goa Tourism Minister Manohar Ajgaonkar today urged tourists not to misbehave with women under the influence of alcohol while welcoming the Chief Minister's announcement of fines for drinking and littering in public.

Citing the special law for the maintenance of senior citizens, the court upheld a tribunals order that had cancelled a gift deed given by an elderly Andheri resident by which he had granted 50% share in his flat to his son.

We are fully cooperating with the investigations and are open to any free, fair and just inquiry. Many a time, music that is played and sung in our Churches, instead of edifying and sanctifying the liturgical assembly and providing a foretaste of the heavenly liturgy, distracts the faithful from the meaning of the sacred text or from the purpose of worship for which the community gathers. They were accused of trying to sell a fourth baby, a two-month old boy born in March, for about 1,325 We are completely shocked by what has happened in our home in Ranchi, a statement from the order said. Ester Noronha from Mangalore is an established film actor who was recently part of Mariano Fernandess monsoon tiatr, Tujem Bhangar Tujeach Angar.

Task of new Committee: Conduct courses, seminars, workshops, etc in parishes and other institutions, with a view to forming choir masters, singers, musicians and others involved in the liturgical and musical apostolates, not excluding the faithful at large, in the use of song and music during liturgical celebrations For further details click here 19 Jul: Herald. Machli is the most famous tiger in the world - the star of five films, with her own Facebook page and over a million You Tube hits on footage of her attacking a crocodile. Her single, the Konkani cover of Despacito also received over a million views online.

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