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Heavy rainfall killed 47 people, missing more than 49 people and five others in serious condition in southwestern and western Japan, public television reported on 07 July 2018.

Japan Meteorological Agency has warned record rainfall on 06 July for flooding, mudslides in southwestern and western Japan.

“That was where the doctors stitched me up and gave me some devastating news: ‘The stab wound went deep into your womb, so you won't be able to carry any children’,” she said.

Terry Gobanga recalled how on the morning of her wedding day she was abducted by a group of men who proceeded to brutally attack her for six hours.

Ms Gobanga said that by the time police arrived, they thought she was dead.

She was taken to hospital, and was able to communicate the fact she was a bride-to-be to the matron.

"There were two more men inside, and they drove off. “When I managed to push the gag out, I screamed: ‘It's my wedding day! One of the men told me to ‘co-operate or you will die’.” Ms Gobanga recalled how the men took turns to rape her.

“I felt sure I was going to die, but I was still fighting for my life, so when one of the men took the gag out of my mouth I bit his manhood,” she said.

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