Military corrosive ammunition dating

Indicating Silica Gel has beads in it that change color as they absorb moisture which lets you know when it needs to be changed.

However, it will be less reliable then corrosive ammo after many years.I keep mine in Military ammo cans and in a cool dry place.Commercial ammo can go bad if stored in a damp place.If you can afford ammo, you can afford ammo cans with good seals, and desiccant.A good desiccant to use for ammo storage is Silica Gel.Military surplus can as well, but is sealed to avoid moisture and weather.If you can afford ammo, you can afford ammo cans with good seals, and desiccant. That being said I have 20 boxes of 7mm mauser ammo with a headstamp from the 30's that has a tendency to either hang fire or not fire at all.As Jack said, firing Corrosive ammo REQUIRES Proper Cleaning to prevent ruining your rifle's bore and gas system. Webley That is the date I typically look for, though I only use cases.I suggest you fire ONLY NON-CORROSIVE ammunition in a "gas" gun. Webley You could safely fire that pre 1955 M2 Ball in a Bolt action, such as a M1903-A3, and it would be easier to properly clean afterwards. I have ordered hundreds of once-fired cases, and used to separate them according to that year, the earlier once getting deprimed and serial-soaked in hot water over the course of several days to dissolve and remove the residual salts. : While the decision to go entirely to non-corrosive primers was made in August of 1949, and was scheduled to be totally implemented by the beginning of 1950, the actual changeover took longer than expected.I you really want to store ammo (millions of rounds for 50 years-like the military) the ammo to go with is corrosive ammo, as the mercury in the primer has a shelf life of at least 30 years.If you are wanting to store ammo for your own use, I would not worry to much about the shelf life.

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