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Sophia was thrilled and said it could be “our little bear child.” Sophia asked Francis if he was going to the Christmas party but he said no because he was with Ashley and her friends.Although disappointed, Sophia went to the party alone – or so she thought.Meanwhile Cheska takes Sam’s number and asks him for a date, but he just wants to be friends, Richard hosts a boat party to launch his new product, and Binky is torn over her situation with Jamie.Getting advice from both Louise and Spencer about it, Binky gives Jamie an ultimatum.

At Jamie’s flat warming party, Spencer interrupts an innocent chat between Andy and Louise and goes off the rails, and Jamie attempts to ask Binky out but is beaten by his old uni friend Sam.

Jamie takes Binky out on a date but is still left confused over his feelings for her, and she has doubts as it may ruin their friendship.

Cheska feels nervous as she prepares to go on a double date with Binky, Stevie and Sam, but is more drawn to Sam than Stevie.

She announced that she's back in touch with JP, but they're not an official couple. She admitted: "It's been a confusing few months and an upsetting one."I was having the best time in the South of France and then I got all these messages which confused me."I put off seeing him for as long as I could, but then I thought it was best to get it out of the what... "We're not girlfriend or boyfriend, but obviously I love the guy and he's promising me the world so we're taking each day as it comes."I don't know what will happen.

I'm hoping no-one will be having to make any choices, that would be a real shame."Made in Chelsea returns to E4 on Monday, October 10.

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  2. While it is a mixed bag, the film knows its audience and does just enough to entertain. Never Too Late Writer-director-producer Patrick Kong cast Alex Fong Lik-sun in his most pathetic role yet, as an incredibly masochistic boyfriend.