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It calculated that using the same technology supplier would make it easier to transfer its HR data into Success Factors’ cloud service.“We wanted to ensure we could move our current on-premise data, in not too complex ways, into a cloud system that had similar logic,” says Simée.The Lufthansa and SAPteams initially assumed that the fault lay with the other team, before agreeing that it made sense to restart the project with new teams.“We are a company that relies on technology, and with these mishaps, we learned and got the experience for future starts,” tells Computer Weekly.Lufthansa made its first attempt to update its HR IT systems in late 2014, when it chose to roll out a company-wide performance management system for business leaders and administrative staff.It opted to roll out Success Factors to 10,000 employees across the group. Each company in the group had configured their HR data in a different way, which made it tough to link employees’ HR data into the talent management software.

It tried to adapt Employee Central to match the HR processes used by each part of the business, rather than use its standard work processes – a decision that increased the complexity of the project.“We were trying to mirror our on-premise systems on to Success Factors, and that didn’t work.” This time, Lufthansa worked hard to simplify its HR processes and to identify the most critical HR software to roll out.“Company-wide, we were minimising complexity, reducing all the special features that might be relevant to one or two employees but which did not support the company,” says is deploying Employee Central across each location – but while some companies in the group are using the service to manage their HR, others are still using older HR systems.Basics about the evoucher: Use of e Voucher: - upgrades 1 for a short haul, 2 for a longhaul leg (Longhaul= LH400-799) - From Economy Class to Premium Economy Class = 1 e Voucher - From Premium Economy to Business Class = 1 e Voucher - *A carriers can be upgraded via the *A upgrade program (use the tool*) - can be used for others via the tool* or if you are travelling with them on the same flight - for eligible upgrade classes, check the section 4.3 o the M&M T&C here: https:// - or use this tool: - good for confirmed advance upgrades, however that is only possible if the original ticket is issued with the flight number of the operating carrier. On LH longhaul all classes except heavily discounted Economy booking classes i.e. Are these the same classes as regular miles upgrades? What is the best way to ensure that a round-trip upgrade for those two persons is possible before making a booking?If you have a codeshare ticket, the upgrade for flights operated by LH metal can be done at the airport. Basically it's for my parents, who always fly LH long-haul via SIN.SAP Success Factors was a handful of HR software products that had the scale to manage more than 130,000 employees.And because SAP kept employees’ data in Germany, Lufthansa’s works council was reassured that the technology would safeguard the privacy of employees’ data.The company put together a series of project plans and roadmaps to plot where to deploy the technology division headquartered in Germany, and at a service centre in Poland – both chosen because their HR data was a close match to the format used by Success Factors in the US.It’s important to be clear about what you want from HR technology before you buy it.That means considering all the HR software that will be needed to manage employees during their time at the company.

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