Leo man dating an aries woman

However important differences between the two signs are brought forth by different ruling planets – the Mars in case of Aries which makes them action-oriented and desirous to jump into the fray as well as the Sun in case of Leo which lends them a charisma and innate power that attracts others to them.Again the enterprising nature of an Aries is due to the Cardinal quality of the zodiac while the Leo is a fixed sign meaning that despite their dynamism and sociability, they seek stability through respect and loyalty.Both are Fire - When two Fire Signs get together, there is no end to the enthusiasm and faith that the relationship thrives on.Once you begin to get used to his sincere devotion, your admiration of his inner and outer strength will cause the fires of your passions to blaze higher than you might imagine they will.More Information: Please visit our Aries Relationship or Leo Relationship pages for more relationship and compatibility analysis.Use the navigation at the top of the page for detailed information on any sign.Give him plenty of rope; he won't hang himself, but understand that he's not looking for a social butterfly as a mate.

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Aries and Leo are the first and fifth signs of the zodiac calendar respectively.

He loves your drive and enthusiasm, and will never run out of compliments and encouragement.

If either of you has a reason to give the other an icy stare, the warmth of the two fire signs will melt it; the chemistry between these signs is usually close to perfect.

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