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After stealing 50 bases in his rookie campaign in 2008, it was clear that he was going to change the way we view baserunners. No one has stolen as many bases as Ellsbury since he hit the historic mark in 2009, with only Jose Reyes stealing more bases in the last decade (78 in 2007).

Ellsbury then followed up his 50 stolen base year with a 70 stolen base year. Ellsbury was an elite speed talent when healthy at the beginning of his career, but no could have possibly seen what Ellsbury could be capable of.

The Yankees signed Ellsbury hoping he and Gardner would form a dynamic one-two lineup punch with speed and sneaky power. The question was who would be demoted, the more productive Gardner or the more highly compensated Ellsbury? In a perfect world teams wouldn’t consider salary in making roster decisions, but they do. It was an uneven distribution — he started well enough, stunk in the middle, then got crazy hot — but it was the first time since his first season with the Yankees that Ellsbury was an above-average hitter that late into the season. It was Hicks, not Ellsbury, who played center field in the postseason. There were stretches throughout the season in which Ellsbury was dropped down into fourth outfielder duty, though the Hicks injury and the general day in, day out nature of the regular season meant he still played a few times a week. As things stand, the Yankees are deep in outfielders going into the 2017-18 offseason.It’s hard to see Ellsbury as a meaningful piece of the next great Yankees team.Trading Ellsbury won’t be easy nor will it yield any sort of meaningful return. The Yankees get non-prospects in return for saving some cash.Ellsbury came second in the MVP voting that year, to go along with a silver slugger and a gold glove award in centerfield.Regardless of which player you would choose, those numbers are fairly close to each other.Ellsbury’s tenure with the Red Sox was great from both ends. A two-time World Series champion in Boston, he will forever hold a place in our hearts, but of course, it is hard to forgive someone who wears the pinstripes and chooses your rivals over you.I don’t blame Ellsbury though, and it ended up being beneficial that the Red Sox did not re-sign him.For me, Ellsbury was my favorite player growing up, as I’m sure he was the favorite of many.His electric speed and quickness that he was able to showcase in all areas of his game made him such an explosive player.And if not, they’ll have no choice but to go into next season with him penciled into a bench spot.It is hard to believe that it has only been four years since Jacoby Ellsbury has been the centerfielder for the Boston Red Sox.

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