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Often the interviewer is just trying to see how you'll handle yourself under pressure.

Prepare for Negative Responses If the interviewer is trying to see how you handle negative feedback, they may say things like "I've never heard a worse answer to that question before." Well, truth be told, they wouldn't tell you if they had heard a worse answer, but they're trying to intimidate and scare you.

You'll find that it can keep your nerves steady and calm, so take advantage of those few minutes before the interview to meditate and relax.

Be Ready for the Interview Often you'll be nervous BEFORE the interview, and meeting the intimidating interviewer just makes things worse.

Don't show that you are intimidated, but control the way you react.

He or she may actually be quite pleasant, so keep that in mind.

Meditate and Clear Your Mind Meditation offers many health benefits, including lowered blood pressure and a reduction in your stress.

It will help to center you BEFORE you walk into that interview, and it will clear your mind of all worries.

The best way to avoid those pre-interview nerves is to be prepared, with your resume memorized, your answers handy, and your mind at ease.

Prepare, prepare, prepare, and you will have a much easier time staying cool under fire.

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