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Recalculation means updating all the columns, tables, charts, and Pivot Tables in your workbook that contain formulas.

Because recalculation of a formula incurs a performance cost, it is important to understand the dependencies associated with each calculation.

This makes sense when you consider that you might have formulas that roll up sales by category or by product.

Therefore, to be sure the results are correct; the formulas based on the data must be recalculated.

I entered "1" into the score for rows 225 to 230 and % in J230 = 100%.

I then deleted rows 225 and 226 and percentage is still 100% In your Test workbook all the Score columns are blank so I am not certain how representative my test is but I cannot see why the percentage is not 100% I did further testing adding "n/a" to column C and deleting rows (in the range above) and still got 100% in Jnnn.

The solution will be to use a formula that counts the answered questions.

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If you delete 2 rows its should be (201 -/- 2) = 199 You divide by 201 instead of 199, so that is why you don't get 100%.Power Pivot always performs a complete recalculation for a table, because a complete recalculation is more efficient than checking for changed values.The changes that trigger recalculation might include such major changes as deleting a column, changing the numeric data type of a column, or adding a new column.If there are multiple columns that depend on each other, Power Pivot follows the sequence of dependencies.This ensures that the columns are processed in the right order at the maximum speed.Operations that recalculate or refresh data take place as a transaction.This means that if any part of the refresh operation fails, the remaining operations are rolled back.However, seemingly trivial changes, such as changing the name of a column, might trigger recalculation as well.This is because the names of columns are used as identifiers in formulas.By default, Power Pivot automatically recalculates as required while optimizing the time required for processing.Although recalculation can take time, it is an important task, because during recalculation, column dependencies are checked, and you will be notified if a column has changed, if the data is invalid, or if an error has appeared in a formula that used to work.

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