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Most students I talk to have big aspirations, many to change the world.

Therefore, their goal is to make a difference, whether that be through the non-profit or government sector or through success in the business world.

As someone from a lower socio-economic status, I have noticed that people are SOOOOOO ignorant when it comes to that subject.

Students here come from a wide range of financial and socioeconomic backgrounds. There are fewer politically conservative students at Pitzer, but they do exist.Students at Pitzer don't really like to wear shoes!Our norm-defying moments aside, Pitzer students are, I think, some of the friendliest and most open on the 5C's.The pitzer student body is very diverse, and everyone is very friendly and open-minded with each other.The only person who would feel out of place at Pitzer would be an ultra-conservative, wealthy elite who hates having fun.In general, Pitzer students are from fairly well-off families, but there are many exceptions, and no one feels excluded because of socio-economic background.Pitzer students are predominately left, and many are politically active.There is no overarching clothing style characterizing Pitzer students, other than perhaps tie-dye and flip-flops.Intermingling between "types" of students is a constant natural occurrence at Pitzer.Even those who are financially well-off, are modest in expressing their socioeconomic status.A right-wing, conservative, or someone abiding by strict religious ideologies would feel out of place at Pitzer; it is historically a very liberal-minded institution.

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