Distribution consolidating products

Many of them behave similarly and have shared best practices in interpretation.

Join Julia and Michael for a discussion of momentum indicators.

If you're new to Pivot Points or want to learn more, join Michael and Julia for a discussion of what Pivot Points are and how they work.

You'll learn textbook interpretation and will gain a better understanding of real-world application through current chart examples.

It is essential to learn to filter that data to what is most important for your trading style.

Join Julia and Michael as they show you easy ways to build a relevant list of Twitter, News, TC2000 User and Corporate Calendar posts to aid with your stock decisions.

Easily make apples-to-apples comparisons between stocks, ETFs, Indexes or any related symbols you want.

You'll instantly see stocks moving together or diverging and how they are performing against each other.

Finding stocks in consolidation is an easy way to build a Watch List of candidates poised to make their next move.Most chart setups take one of three major forms: breakout, consolidation, or divergence.In this webinar, Michael and Julia will walk you step-by-step through the easiest ways of scanning for each of these major formations.Using TC2000's personal note feature, you can fully integrate your trading journal to record your thoughts, analysis and trade details.Notes will help you remember how you found and stock, what you liked about it and why you did or didn’t trade it.Julia Ormond and Michael Thompson will each share the criteria, creation, use and results of one of their own unique Easy Scans for finding consolidation.Watch List columns in TC2000 allow you to rank any Watch List by any condition or value.Take what you learn and apply these easy-to-learn concepts to write formulas that meet your own needs. Join Julia for an introduction to writing custom condition formulas.What should you do when you want to scan for stocks with very specific characteristics? They'll provide you with all the information you'll need to get started right away.They'll show you why they like them and how they use them.TC2000 offers multiple information feeds that gather the best of stock market research and connect it directly to your charts.

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