Dating rules fourth date

We talked for about 3 weeks before we met and since have had 3 dates. I like the guy and I know he likes me( so he's told me) and we've already kissed.Each date went well and he asked to see me again after each time. We are going on our 4th date and When he asked me what I wanted to do I suggested something lowkey since I'm studying for finals... I don't want to rush things with him but I do want to make sure things progress in the right direction.She get grants and scholarships to pay for school so her GPA is really important....her BF is important too but he can always go play with his XBox if he's bored. Leaves the house at 9pm and doesn't come home until 2 am sometimes 6 am and she's exhausted to spend time with him.You have a month to go in school - so save the 'watching a movie' at his place AFTER the semester ends & after the 8th date :)if you're worried about him wanting 4th date num nums, don't be afraid to draw a line in the sand before you go over to my place, err, I mean, his place, yeah...Any self respecting guy will respect your boundries wheather you tell him before the date begings or durring the date, even durring a hot kiss that may lead a guy to think hes going to get some.You are probably still in an experimental stage of your life, so all I would suggest is, that you try not to be surprised if even when you ASK questions, and the guy tries to answer honestly, that what you discover through the rest of what you do wont quite match up with what either of you thought during the questions and answers. Do what you need to, both to stay safe, and to prevent yourself from making choices that you will be stuck with for a lifetime (especially spur of the moment decisions NOT to use birth control, because "it feels so right").

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I would ask things like what are his future plans, kids (yes/no), things like that. When I was that age, I only knew I wanted to find someone to be able to be with exclusively and thoroughly, but I really had no idea what I wanted for the 'rest of my life.' That is, I didn't have the clear picture of what exactly "make sure things progress in the right direction" actually MEANT for us. When you know what you are looking for, the questions you want to ask come naturally.

If the answer is yes, then go over to my place, err, ah, his place and watch a movie. I think he does like will respect whatever you decide. And if I am wrong, I trust he will tell me so, because I trust him, and I wouldn't trust him if I haven't figured out when he's opening up..."Don't let the relationship/date try and dictate who he should be, or who you should be...focus on communicating and expressing who you are and understanding who he is.

Just so you know...watching a movie at his place...generally means sex at his place in guy world. However if you are not ready for that,make a counter offer of movie at your place instead. If you don't feel comfortable at this point in time, to go to his place...

The guys I tend to date are an Open book.4th date- he offered for it to be up to you.

If you go to his place be prepared/ wanting it to go up a notch romantically- perhaps 3 notches.

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