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You just text him a day or two later and say, “Hey, ‘Zombies on Mars’ comes out Friday at the Cineplex 20.

My treat, if you’re interested.” Or tell him where his favorite band is playing this weekend.

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A couple days later you can copy him on an email you send to a few people with a funny cartoon you found on the Internet.

The next week you can reply to one of his brilliant tweets with a supportive comment.

A week later you might leave a message on his home voice mail when you know he won’t be there to answer the phone. Bear in mind that if he hasn’t called you back in a reasonable time, there’s nothing to screw up by contacting him anyway.

Guys often feel too guilty to call after they’ve dropped the ball for a week or two because they think they’ve blown it and you’ll be upset.

If you want to find out if he is a bad guy or just an incompetent dater, call him out of nowhere after a few weeks and invite him to coffee or happy hour.

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