Dailybooth not updating twitter

But when sending a Tweet with that URL, the link to show the abstract shows the old content of the meta tags ! The same URL links to an updated content, including Tweet Cards Metas, but tweets that refers to that URL do not reflect changes of the landing page…

Is there a way, as for update link in Facebook, to force update of twitter cards URL content ? An the Card in the tweeter time-line shows old content, even if we tested the URL in the preview tool…

It is a fact that, games earn a lot more through consoles due to high prices and more active online players.

Although we share the most recent news about this great game, it is possible for you to check them on your own through their Twitter account.

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However, it is known that the game will be offered to computer platform first and it is possible to download the game through Steam.In addition to these, developers made a brief explanation that they are working on Xbox version and we all know that it will be developed for the Play Station 4 console too.Probably, firstly they will focus on bugs when they launch the game and when the developer team will be sure that everything is okay for the computer version of the game, they will direct all of their efforts for the other gaming consoles.Let us know if this helps – The solution is simply updating a line of code for your widget: Hello everybody, come one everyone its very simple! Urban Skate L said like 20 posts up this discussion. You appear to be the guru of twitter and blog issues. This is the current setting for my twitter widget in my blog: Tweets by @Shoebox Shimmy Is there something missing from this thread that’s preventing my blog from downloading my new tweets? Stephanie I’ve installed several twitter plugins to a wordpress site that I’m developing for a client, and have found the process to be extremely frustrating because none of them seem to work., go back to your twitter setting and just put in the domains box your domain name two time separated by a comma, one entree must be the domain name plainly without the Its working perfectly form me on all browser all OS. Have a great day go to settings select widgets select creat new and you will see a box a domain name area box there are two line like this have to fill same as written…hope this will work … You do not have to use a downloaded Plugin (like I was using - Twitter Widget Pro), Twitter itself gives you the ability to create your own code (it self generates), so you do not have to write code. I’m wondering you could please help with this issue I’m experiencing. Only one plugin was able to show me tweets from my client’s feed, but it only displayed one tweet and didn’t have options to show more, and to get just that one tweet to show on the site, I had to log into my own personal twitter account, and go to the developers page to create a twitter app and then copy and paste 4 or 5 lines of auth keys… I still don’t have a plugin that shows me multiple tweets, and fail to understand how it’s so hard for twitter to provide an api that allows people to write code that works.I’v tried @episod trick who suggests to add get parameter following the URL… (https://dev.twitter.com/discussions/9005) But indeed, I guess there should be a tool somewhere in dev.twitter.com, for instance, to refresh cached URL, for us not to have to add get parameters each time we tweet the same URLs with new meta content…There is a similar issue in Facebook about sharing link in the status.PUBG or in order words, PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS is one of the new games which is still being developed and in beta right now.There are many changes taking place in the game even we are really close to the official launch date.All you need to do is visit the following link and follow them for the most recent news.Pubg Twitter Account Pubg Twitter Ban Pubg Twitter Connection Closed Pubg Twitter Doc Pubg Twitter Down Pubg Twitter Dr Disrespect Pubg Twitter Drama Pubg Twitter Feed Pubg Twitter Header Pubg Twitter Help Pubg Twitter Oce Pubg Twitter Reshade Pubg Twitter Server Status Pubg Twitter Support Pubg Twitter Xbox Pubg Xbox One Gameplay Ping Ps4 Bf4 Pubg Ps4 Release Pubg Xbox Release Date Pubg Ps4 Cost Pubg Ps4 Amazon Ping Ps4 Black Ops 3 Pubg Map Pubg Xbox Release Date Game Preview Pubg Ps4 Beta Pubg Xbox August Pubg Ps4 Buy Pubg Xbox Aim Assist Pubg Xbox Amazon Pubg Xbox One Price Pubg Twitter Support Pubg Xbox Alpha Pubg Ps4 Gameplay Pubg Xbox And Pc Pubg Xbox Announcement Pubg Xbox And Ps4 Pubg Xbox Controller Pubg Xbox August 16 Ping Basso Ps4 Pubg Xbox One Beta Ping Ps4 Bo3 Pubg Xbox Release Date Reddit Pubg Xbox One X Pubg Xbox One Date Pubg Ps4 Reddit Ping Battlefront Ps4 Pubg Ps4 Controller Configuration Pubg Ps4 Review Pubg Twitter Reshade Pubg Xbox August 16th Pubg Xbox Exclusive Pubg Ps4 Controller Pubg Ps4 Alternative Ping Bajo Ps4 Pubg Update PUBG Game, What is pubg? A battle royale game made by Player Unknown who also created the battle royale mod for arma 3 and H1Z1.

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