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Upon the entry of such an order any documents already filed in the Appellate Court shall be transmitted by the clerk of that court to the clerk of the Supreme Court. All notifications pursuant to this procedure may be informal and shall be confidential.From that point the case shall proceed in all respects as though the appeal had been taken directly to the Supreme Court. If the court fails to rule within the 48-hour period and an extension is not requested, then the petition shall be deemed to have been granted and the notice requirement shall be waived.Every final judgment of a circuit court in a civil case is appealable as of right. Amended December 17, 1993, effective February 1, 1994. Subparagraph (a)(2) protects the appellant who files a notice of appeal prior to the resolution of a still-pending claim that is determined to be a separate claim under Rule 304(a).The appeal is initiated by filing a notice of appeal. This rule, adopted pursuant to the authority given the Supreme Court by the judicial article effective January 1, 1964, former article VI, section 7, present article VI, section 16, prescribes the method of review of final judgments. Note that under subparagraph (a)(2), there is no need to file a second notice of appeal where the postjudgment order simply denies the appellant’s postjudgment motion.When a timely postjudgment motion has been filed by any party, whether in a jury case or a nonjury case, a notice of appeal filed before the entry of the order disposing of the last pending postjudgment motion, or before the final disposition of any separate claim, becomes effective when the order disposing of said motion or claim is entered. All documents relating to proceedings shall be impounded and sealed subject to review only by the minor, her attorney and guardian , the respective judges and their staffs charged with reviewing the case and the respective court clerks and their staffs.A party intending to challenge an order disposing of any postjudgment motion or separate claim, or a judgment amended upon such motion, must file a notice of appeal, or an amended notice of appeal within 30 days of the entry of said order or amended judgment, but where a postjudgment motion is denied, an appeal from the judgment is deemed to include an appeal from the denial of the postjudgment motion. After entry of an order by the Appellate Court, the clerk of the Appellate Court shall review the proceedings.A notice of appeal filed after the court announces a decision, but before the entry of the judgment or order, is treated as filed on the date of and after the entry of the judgment or order. The petitioner shall be identified in the petition and any supporting memorandum in the method provided under Rule 660(c), as in appeals in cases arising under the Juvenile Court Act.

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If the reviewing court allows leave to file a late notice of appeal, any other party may, within 10 days of the order allowing the filing of the late notice, join in the appeal separately or cross-appeal as set forth in Rule 303(a)(3).notice of appeal transmitted to the reviewing court pursuant to paragraph (a) of this rule, or receipt of a motion for leave to appeal under paragraph (d) of this rule, the clerk of the reviewing court shall enter the appeal upon the docket. 1, 2015Rule 303(a)(2) is intended to address concerns raised in cases such as John G. If leave to appeal is allowed, the petitioner must then file the record from the proceedings in the circuit court with the clerk the Supreme Court within two days, excluding weekends and holidays, of the date that leave to appeal is allowed, except that the two day period may be extended at the request of the minor or incompetent person. The Supreme Court shall then issue a confidential written decision within five days, excluding weekends and holidays, of the date it allowed the petition for leave to appeal.

No request for reconsideration of a ruling on a postjudgment motion will toll the running of the time within which a notice of appeal must be filed under this rule. The question whether a particular “claim” is a separate claim for purposes of Rule 304(a) is often a difficult one. If leave to appeal is not sought by the petitioner, the clerk of the Appellate Court shall seal the record on appeal before returning it to the clerk of the circuit court. If leave to appeal to the Supreme Court is sought, the petition for leave to appeal and all supporting documents shall identify the petitioner in manner provided under Rule 660(c).

If a timely notice of appeal is filed and served by a party, any other party, within 10 days after service upon him or her, or within 30 days from the entry of the judgment or order being appealed, or within 30 days of the entry of the order disposing of the last pending postjudgment motion, whichever is later, may join in the appeal, appeal separately, or cross-appeal by filing a notice of appeal, indicating which type of appeal is being taken. The file in the Supreme Court shall also be sealed and impounded following the decision of the Supreme Court.

The notice of appeal may be amended without leave of court within the original 30-day period to file the notice as set forth in paragraph (a) above. Subparagraph (a)(2) protects the rights of an appellant who has filed a “premature” notice of appeal by making the notice of appeal effective when the order denying a postjudgment motion or resolving a still-pending separate claim is entered. The Supreme Court shall decide whether to allow leave to appeal within three days, excluding weekends and holidays, of the filing of the leave to appeal.

Thereafter it may be amended only on motion, in the reviewing court, pursuant to paragraph (d) of this rule. In deciding whether to allow leave to appeal, the Supreme Court’s discretion shall be guided by the criteria listed in Rule 315(a).

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