Consolidating school districts pros cons

The federal district court judge ordered Schwarzenegger Administration officials to take all steps immediately to rescind any approval given to Fresno County to reduce those wages and to officially notify the court of compliance.

The legal documents filed by the lawyers on behalf of the IHSS workers, claimed the issue had major impact on the state's compliance with the landmark 1999 US Supreme Court Olmstead Decision under the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Baucus to HR 4213 - Medicaid funding page 300)) (Click here for 4 page pdf copy of summary of proposed substitute amendment by Sen.

Baucus to HR 4213)(POSTED JUNE 15, 2010) - Budget Conference Committee Meets June 15th at 1 PM - Will Begin With AB 3632 Mental Health Special Education Mandate Proposed Suspension & Finish Up Education Items (Click here for CDCAN Report #113-2010 on the budget conference committee hearing) (Click here for the errata - addition - to the education budget conference agenda regarding AB 3632)(POSTED JUNE 14, 2010) - US Senate Democrats May Have Votes For Final Passage of Bill To Extend Temporary Increase of Federal Medicaid Matching Funds to the States (Click here for CDCAN Report #112-2010 on this issue)(POSTED JUNE 10, 2010) - MEDICAID SECTION 1115 WAIVER PROPOSAL SUBMITTED BY SCHWARZENEGGER ADMINISTRATION TO FEDERAL GOVERNMENT Major Impact to People with Disabilities, Mental Health Needs, the Blind, Seniors SACRAMENTO, CALIF (CDCAN) - The Schwarzenegger Administration released today a 4 page letter and 71 page comprehensive Medicaid Section 1115 Demonstration Project Waiver proposal, titled "A Bridge to Reform" that it submitted last week (June 4th) to the federal government for approval.

The Assembly announced its 5 conference committee members today (Wednesday): Assembly Democratic Members (3): Bob Blumenfield (chair of the Assembly Budget Committee), Felipe Fuentes (chair of the Assembly Appropriations Committee), and Nancy Skinner (chair of the Assembly Rules Committee) Assembly Republican Members (2): Connie Conway (vice chair of the Assembly Appropriations Committee) and Jim Nielsen (vice chair of the Assembly Budget Committee) Hearings Will Continue Possibly Through June 11th After Thursday, budget conference committee hearings are scheduled through Friday, June 11th, (including the weekend) at the call of the committee chair.

All budget conference committee hearings are open to the public and televised - though public testimony is not taken at these hearings.

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