Benedict cumberbatch interview updating sherlock is jason wahler still dating katja

The romance and chemistry in this drama is so beautiful, ahhh! The kiss scenes were great; I fangirled every single time.

However, somewhere along the storyline, W lost its spark.i dont know i would say this drama is good but i feel like this could be far better its like it missed those little details that drive the story what i mean is the premise is really interesting, its so interesting that it become really hard to executes the story It was surprisingly good. It earns 10th top spots of favorite kdrama TV shows. I think it's the ultimate masterpiece among all tv show of all the time.This show had a brilliant premise and creative, great plot that I’ve ever seen. I consider it like a classical, as others masterpieces like "the prisonner" (60' tv show with Patrick Mc Gohan), or Liar game (Japanese drama). All is dense like in a movie, a big 16 hours movie, and a very good one without deathtime.Honestly, I didn't even notice them and they don't affect the story in any way. If you're looking for a good use of your time, you found the right activity. beautiful- that might be just because I'm a sucker for happy endings, but, eh. and Chul meeting Yeon Joo mother and aunt were all in her already told you before hand that they were all imaginations and not would be stupid tell about that [email protected] and some other who watch have problems with this memory loss thing and that turn of is not a messed up thing I can gurantee by any was already going to that point where...Also, musicians gave the best the could give (I listened others OST they made, and it look like they put all best into W). Here too, it's for more than what you usualy get into a kdrama. Filipino fans are dying that this tv series will have part 2.We are encouraging the writer to write for Part 2 . Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo you are the best couple ever..???? Since then, we've seen many other Kdramas - a few very good ones like Goblin - where the actors deserve tremendous credit for pulling off what would otherwise be the typical flawed character story with some twists - into something special.I remember being so upset completing this drama, because it was just so good and I didn't want to leave the characters and the story yet.I truly fell for Lee Jong Suk, so much that I bought a poster of him and stuck it up in my room, haha.It was the unique and interesting storyline that is executed well. None american show can stand that, even the best like Battlestar Galactica, or very popular one like "game of throne". So, it need an high level of concentration if you want to follow and understand the plot.Because the story have so many deep levels, about psychology and philosophical. Not really the kind of show you look at TV with family.

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