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Taxpayers' have reacted furiously at the NHS, branding their handling of Mr Messer's case as 'scandalous.' A centenary celebration took place marking the birth of former South African President Nelson Mandela at Westminster Abbey.

His granddaughter Zamaswazi Dlamini-Mandela looked emotional and wiped away tears (inset) as she attended the event.

Despite what appears to be quite a life of luxury, the project manager claims she's had to make 'radical changes' to her budget in order to save for a house.

Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust (inset) sparked fury after it emerged that Stewart Messer, 57, (top) had banked more than £750,000 in pay and pensions from the trust, which had a £59million deficit in 2015/16.

The corporation could be left with a bill of up to £5million after the case dragged on for four years. I've spent my whole life hugging people's grandchildren.' Amy Nickell, 27, (pictured) discovered she was pregnant (pictured inset) with her son Freddy (pictured together right) when she was age 24 after being in a relationship with his father for a few months.

Mr Justice Mann said the BBC had infringed the star's privacy rights in a 'serious and sensationalist way' and increased the damages because the corporation boasted about its 'scoop of the year' at an awards event. A graduate from Leeds University, Amy had begun her career as a reporter at Yahoo interviewing celebrities on the red carpet and was living in North London.

It has now emerged he left the trust in February with a £243,468 pay-off.

Judge Morris told Kemp: 'Over this period of time you were a highly sophisticated fraudster, depriving people of money, conning them that they were going to get fabulous, unbelievable returns.' Kate Donovan boasts a lifestyle rich in overseas holidaying, fancy dinners and drinks with friends, and enjoys a salary well over the average for her age group.

His words came after a High Court judge ruled the BBC had invaded his privacy by broadcasting a police raid of his house live on TV after he was linked to a child sex abuse claim.

No charges were ever brought against the 77-year-old and he was today awarded £210,000 in damages.

The student (pictured far right) can be seen proudly displaying the new poem covering up 'If' by Rudyard Kipling.

'If' was originally painted on the wall of the students union by a resident artist, but removed by the students because it was 'deeply inappropriate' to promote the work of Kipling.

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