Back dating tax credits

The claim for WTC, including the disability element can be backdated to 13 October 2011, i.e.

the first date from which the qualifying benefit is payable.

We will then generate the correct forms for you in order to claim the education credit or deduction(s) with your return. See an overview of student tax benefits you may qualify to claim on your tax return. Learn about other tax credits and tax deductions you may qualify to claim on your return.

Use our free tax tools to calculate taxes or determine eligibility for certain tax credits.

Tax credits are frequently more valuable than tax deductions because credits reduce your tax bill dollar-for-dollar, while deductions only reduce your taxable income.They start working 16 hours a week on 24 February 2008.Entitlement to DLA was decided on 4 June 2012 and was payable from 13 October 2007.Example 2 One member of a couple with no children works 16 hours a week.They suffer an injury at work and make a claim for a Constant Attendance Allowance in conjunction with an Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit on 13 October 2007.Of the two education credits currently available, the American Opportunity Credit is the most valuable.The American Opportunity Credit is an expanded version of the Hope Credit.Here is what you need to know about the American Opportunity Credit: If you, your spouse, or your dependent do not qualify for the American Opportunity Credit, you may still be able to claim the Lifetime Learning Credit.Here is what you need to know about this education credit: You cannot claim both the Lifetime Learning Credit and the American Opportunity Credit for the same student in the same year, but you can claim one credit for one student and the other credit for another student.Top of page Claims from same sex couples cannot be backdated to any date prior to 5 December 2005 as this is the date the above act came into force.A person shall not be entitled to tax credits in respect of any day prior to the day on which he makes a claim for it (“the earlier day”) if— “the child premia in respect of Income Support or income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance” means the amounts referred to in section 1(3)(d) of the Tax Credits Act 2002.

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