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The property can be used because the source data is contiguous…no empty rows or columns are contained within the source data itself.Although any cell address existing in the source data range could have been used, I kept it simple and just used A1.I have a series of pivot charts and tables in a worksheet that also contains the raw data, in another tab.I need to add data to the raw data sheet every month and have the pivot charts and tables use both the older data and the newer data.I would like the activeworkbook to be the one that I'm using rather than a predefined name (here it is report (40). Then I would like it to take the whole range (which increases everyday) and make a pivot table out of it. Create(Source Type:=xl Database, **Source Data:= _ "report (40)! R3C1**", Table Name:="Pivot Table13" _ , Default Version:=xl Pivot Table Version15 Sheets("Sheet1"). Lastly, I would like the data to only use today's date. Sub Daily S() ' ' Daily S Macro ' ' Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl d ' Sheets. R1C1: R324C129**", Version:=xl Pivot Table Version15). Several of these will be used in the procedure below. I have set up the macro to put series in columns unless the pivot table Data Body Range has only one row, in which case there is only one series, and it is plotted by row. Implement it using How To: Use Someone Else’s Macro.

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A reader named Julie has a regular chart that is linked to a pivot table. The left table is a source and the right table is a pivot table.We want to add another rows or columns to the source and see them in the pivot table. Just refresh pivot table and you will see updated data. This procedure runs every time the worksheet calculates, whether or not the pivot table is involved. To make it run automatically when the pivot table updates, you could put this event procedure into the code module behind the sheet (to open the sheet’s code module, right click the sheet tab, click View Code). Name Then Update Chart From Pivot Table End If Application.Before After Whether you change the State field or numbers in the Amount field, when you want to see those changes immediately represented in your pivot table, follow these simple steps: Step 1 Right-click your worksheet tab, and left-click to select View Code.Step 2 Paste the following code into the large white area that is your worksheet module.In the Before picture, the source data’s State field lists American states.In the After picture, you’ve changed the State names from their two-letter abbreviation to a regional theme. Visible = False End With Dim pt as Pivot Table, pt_item as Pivot Item Dim date_stamp as Date, source_data as string Dim ws as Work Sheet Dim Last_row as Long Set ws = Activeworkbook. Address(Reference Style:=xl R1C1) 'source_data contains your dynamic range address date_stamp = Format(Now(), "m/d/yyyy") 'this contains the date now, format as you wish For Each pt in ws.

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