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It shall ensure the equality of all citizens before the law without distinction of origin, race or religion.

It shall respect all beliefs.” The Constitution, therefore, excludes recognition of groups enjoying a special status.

Their right to return to the same position is guaranteed.

To offset the loss of salary during their maternity leave, pregnant women receive benefits paid via maternity insurance known as (per diem rest allowances).[21] The payments often are supplemented by a complementary sum payable by the employer, as per a collective bargaining agreement.

Several categories of family allowances are provided without any condition of employment.

Children under six receive free and mandatory preventive health services in a widespread network of thousands of health-care facilities.

The maternity insurance, a branch of the public health insurance, covers the cost of the mandatory natal visits, of the delivery, of all prescribed medicines and tests, and of home care, if the condition of the woman requires it.[20] Pregnant women are entitled to maternity leave as follows: six weeks before and ten weeks after birth for the two first children; eight weeks before and eighteen weeks after birth for the third child; thirty-four weeks (twelve before birth) for twins; and forty-six weeks (twenty-four before birth) for triplets or more.

It also provides free supplementary coverage to people whose income is less than €7,178.79 (about US,900) per year per person.[16] The benefits of the public health insurance include the full range of health services.

Children under sixteen, under seventeen if they are looking for work and registered at the National Employment Agency, under eighteen if in an apprenticeship, and under twenty if they are students or are disabled, are covered by their parents’ health insurance.[17] The Public Health Code guarantees the health and social protection of pregnant women.

This guardian will use the funds to improve the life conditions of the child. Social welfare is the responsibility of the local authorities (social services, early childhood health services, and child protection services), while judicial juvenile protection is the responsibility of the central government.

Social services provide material and pschological support to minors and families facing social problems that are likely to have an impact on family stability.

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