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It is not unusual for Seattle directories of the time to be missing bars that are so far out from downtown, and I would not at all be surprised to see the that the Caroline does indeed date back to 1933, but I have not yet found any primary sources to confirm this.The current Northlake Tavern dates their own birth to 1954, when they were in a location up the road that was demolished to make way for the I5 Bridge.The Elite has only been in it's current Olive Way location since December 2007 (although there was briefly an Elite II on Olive, concurrently with the Elite).But the previous location of the Elite Tavern can trace its background to at least 1935, when when it begins appearing in city guides, and I have seen references to it going back "to prohibition" (i.e.In at least this last move, and perhaps the previous one, the actual building (constructed in 1932) was moved.

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One must presume that many of these bars were actually established in 19, with everyone in the country knowing that the Beer and Wine Revenue Act would take effect in April 1933 (and the end of federal prohibition on Dec 5, 1933).

Institutions that were bars at some point are also listed under "Restaurants," but because I cannot deduce when they actually started legally serving alcohol, I have included only the establishments in this section with a clear indication of that in the name (e.g. The Rendezvous and Jewelbox Theater have been around since 1924 or 1925, but it is unclear when it first officially included a bar.

It was part of Belltown's historic Film Row, and said to have included a speakeasy whose customers included various visiting Hollywood stars.

A beer parlor is listed under the owner's name of Edna M. City guides list the "Northlake Cafe" under Beer Parlors in 1940, and the "Northlake Tavern" in 1941, and variations on that (e.g Northlake Tavern and Cafe) through the 40s.

I suspect that the 1954 date was inherited from the set of owners who purchased the place in that year, Herb and Evelyn Friedman.

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