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It was that first magical night when all of our coaching sank in and flowed naturally through me that I met my wonderful wife.” “I was having some struggles in life, relationships, work, and really getting closer to getting 100% out of life.

Jordan was the first men’s professional I decided to work with and he is worth every penny.

Having him take me by the hand and really listen to my fears, frustration, and dreams has been an absolute game-changer for me.

If you’re looking to master the world of relationships, you owe it to yourself to take the first step and work with Jordan.” “Before I met Jordan, I suffered from depression, burn-out, anxiety, panic attacks and a medical condition that had ruled every fiber of my existence for the last 6 and a half years.

” (and this was meant in a very, very good way).” “To say that Jordan changed my life is an understatement.

In a one hour session with him, I healed years of struggling.

I would recommend him to anyone who wants to feel happier and more emotionally free.” “I began implementing Jordan’s tips – and immediately my sexual performance went through the roof. I became, as Jordan might put it, a “beast” in the bedroom.

Here's my perspective on pickup coaching from my limited exposure to it: I am only familiar with JT Tran's ABCs of Attraction and Gareth Jones (who recently parted ways with ABCs of Attraction).You’re truly an inspiration to men all across the globe.I couldn’t be more thankful.” “I was a financially successful and emotionally miserable entrepreneur for the last decade. Jordan helped me realize that working on my relationship to myself could not only make the entire journey that much more enjoyable, but that learning to love myself would actually lead to even more success in every area of my life. We have felt more connected in the past few months while working with Jordan than I ever thought we could.” “After months of struggling on my own, and attempts with various psychologists and self-help books, Jordan helped me find clarity and hope in my relationship in a single session.I am glad I took the first step, the step to sign up with Jordan and dive in deep to so much more of life.Thanks, Jordan, I appreciate everything you have done for me the past 2 years.This will be an hour long deep-dive video call focused on cultivating new beliefs, mindset, and day to day actions that will produce immediate, guaranteed results in your life.If you are afraid of truth, directness, or someone caring about you, then this isn’t the right thing for you. Most frequently, I help people :– Feel (and heal) their stuck emotions– Love themselves more and grow their self-esteem– Massively improve their sex lives and intimate relationships– Finally get over their exes for good– Decide whether or not they should stay in or leave their relationship– Become self-employed in a business that meets all of their needs After several years of being a dating coach I realized that I was only touching the surface of love and relationships.I had been helping people get into relationships, but we all know that maintaining a relationship is the hardest part (and I love a good challenge).“As a successful entrepreneur I want an epic love life too, and with Jordan’s help I am creating a solid foundation for a brilliant relationship. I’ve been coaching people full-time for the past decade on a variety of topics.And while I label myself as a “relationship coach,” that barely scratches the surface of what I do with my clients.

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